Snoring occurs when the muscles of the mouth and throat relax during sleep, which results in a narrowing and partial obstruction of the throat airway. As air moves in and out of this narrowed airway, it vibrates soft tissues to create the familiar sound we call snoring.

While snoring may be harmless in some cases, it can be disruptive to bedmates and others. Dr Suh is able to provide effective and cost-effective solutions for snorers who wish to quieten their nightly slumber.

Loud and persistent snoring may cause poor sleep, but it could also be an indicator of a far more serious medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If you or someone you know shows symptoms of OSA, you should seek help from the Hudson Sleep & TMJ Center, where you will be given the facts and advice needed to decide if diagnosis and treatment may be in order.